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Life is full of special moments that deserve to be memorialized in time through photography. From weddings to headshots, the right photographer can effectively commemorate all of your life’s major events.

Rick Porier is the owner of DFW Pro Photo and a professional photographer that has dedicated his life to being one of the best and most sought-after photographers in not just the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex but, in the world. At DFW Pro Photo we use the best professional photography, lighting and production equipment the industry has to offer. When used by talented and creative professionals you will get the images you need to tell your story.

Our Photography Services

Premium, professional Dallas photography has never been more accessible than with DFW Pro Photo. From large parties and events to intimate private moments, Rick Porier has the eye that truly brings out the best in your life’s most important moments.

Headshot Photography

Headshots are meant to sell your personality at a glance. Unfortunately, smartphones and novice photographers won’t bring the professionalism your headshots need. Photography is as much of a science as it is an art. Professionalism is apparent to even the untrained eye when compared, side-by-side. You are selling yourself, with your headshots. Don’t sell yourself short by taking the cheapo route. Invest in yourself and see the real difference it can make for you.

Rick Porier brings decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment that makes your look your best and guarantees the highest quality results for your money.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography has increased in popularity over the years. Let DFW Pro Photo capture the story of you in the moment and create a portrait that captures you or your family’s and tells your unique and special story. Let’s create something special together. 

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Maternity Sessions

Capturing a mother and father’s lives before their latest family addition arrives can create memories that families can fondly look back on years down the road. This is a special moment in time will only happen once. How do you want to capture that moment? A snapshot or something special? Regardless of how you want to make your memory special, we are here for you!

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Wedding Photography

You only get “One-take” on a wedding day. Make sure it is done right by an experienced and professional photographer. Ask all your friends that have gone through the long process of planning a wedding and they will all tell you that your wedding photographer is one of your most important investments.

DFW Pro Photo helps capture all of the best planned and candid moments of your special day with a Professional Dallas Photographer, Rick Porier and his assistant staff and photographers.

Let us help create a photo selection of your wedding day that brings your memories to life with each viewing.

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Boudoir Photography

Hot and spicy or classy and sassy? Boudoir photography is as intimate as a photo session gets. Your comfort in the studio and on-set are paramount to getting stunning images.

Not everyone is a professional model, so having someone that can direct your through the process and angles makes a huge difference. Our clients always rave about how empowering the experience is for them. We will make sure it is for you too.

At DFW Pro Photo, we pride ourselves on delivering not just great images but also a great experience for your most intimate moments.

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Lifestyle Photography, and more!

Whether you need help capturing your hobbies in action or need a professional photographer to capture images of your latest real estate project, DFW Pro Photo has the experience you need to ensure a satisfying shoot that makes any subject shine.

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Welcome To DFW Pro Photo

Voted best Photographer in Irving, Texas 

Why Choose DFW Pro Photo?

DFW Pro Photo provides our clients with the best photography experience possible. Not only do we guarantee a clean, professional finish on each of your photos, but our services also come with several advantages that let us stand out:

●      Our private photography studio in beautiful Las Colinas brings comfort to intimate photo sessions

●      Excellent, professional service that makes the process as natural as possible

●      Incredible value that offers competitive rates for each of the projects we accept

We aim to be the photography company that helps solidify your memories and are ready to help you schedule your next photoshoot.

Dallas Photographer

Photographer. Travel Fanatic. Man of Many Hats

My Name is Rick Porier

"My introduction to photography came at a very early age from my dad who was a working professional photographer. I used to drive him crazy using up film shooting pictures of my little green army men in various battle positions. Not a good use of film in his eyes but, I did get a lot of practice though. When it came time to decide on a career path, there was little doubt in my mind and I enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas and began my formal education in the art and science of photography."


Bring Out Your Best Side with DFW Pro Photo, Today

We are here for you!

If you’re ready to create a set of professional photos that capture the story you want to tell for you, your family or your business. Rick Porier and DFW Pro Photo want to meet you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discuss your photography needs and plan out your perfect session.

Book now for the best photography value in Dallas. Whatever your needs may be, from simple questions, quotes, bids, etc... Serving our new friends and making them happy clients is our #1 priority. Drop us a line, let's connect!

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