I Am Rick Porier

Rick Porier is the owner of DFW Pro Photo and a professional photographer that has dedicated his life to being one of the best and most sought-after photographers in not just the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex but, in the world.

At DFW Pro Photo we use the best professional photography, lighting and production equipment the industry has to offer. When used by talented and creative professionals you will get the images you need to tell your story.

My Background

My introduction to photography came at a very early age from my dad who was a working professional photographer.

I used to drive him crazy using up film shooting pictures of my little green army men in various battle positions. Not a good use of film in his eyes but, I did get a lot of practice though. When it came time to decide a career path, there was little doubt in my mind, and I enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas and began my formal education in the art and science of photography. The digital revolution had not taken hold at that point and we were still using film back then. Years later, the cameras have changed tremendously. I’ve gotten much bigger, and I occasionally still shoot army men, just not green and no longer plastic.

One of the Best Photographers in Dallas

Having a successful photography business required me to continually learn, evolve, and wear many hats. There are a lot of people that try to make it in this business and less than 1% actually turn it into a viable income. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and the hard (expensive) lessons that life can bring you on your journey to success.

I love photography and people, and I hate setting up servers and bookkeeping. Typical for any right-brained, creative type like myself, I know. My journey has been full of immense challenges that in some perhaps, masochistic way, I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed the journey, the challenge, and learned so much.

Photography Packages

That journey is far from over though and I still feel like I have a long way to go. I hope you will be a piece of that journey with me too.

Book a photoshoot today, and I hope to meet you soon.