Sep 30, 2022

Are Professional Headshots Worth It?

Quality headshots aren’t something that come cheap, nor should they be. Whether you’re headlining a headshot across your legal website or sending out images for that next casting call, the effort behind your headshot could be the key to your success. In the world of selfies and “advanced camera” smartphones, it’s easy for someone to invest in a tripod and take their headshots to save money. While DIY headshots may give you the personal “A” for effort, they come nowhere near the excellence a pro photographer could create for your image. At DFW Pro Photo, we get it! Headshots are an investment that can be costly! Let’s explore why headshots come with a higher price tag and why it’s worth investing in a Dallas photographer to capture your personality in one shot.

How Much Does a Headshot Cost?

Some headshots can be done on a budget, and some can cost $2,000 per session. The question of cost all lies in how much you’re willing to spend to ensure your headshot highlights your finest qualities and makes your next employer or customer say “yes” to your business proposal. We offer a wide range of headshot packages. Dallas headshot photography pricing starts at $150 for a single headshot,15-minute express session, and guarantees the professionalism and results one would expect from Dallas photographers with decades of experience that hold themselves to the gold standard.

Why Do Headshots Cost So Much?

Your headshot isn’t just a mugshot with a bit of flair; it’s a visual insight into your professional and individual personality. People that want headshots that sell them well understand this and create a high demand for experience. When you put money behind headshot photography from a professional perspective, you’re paying for someone who:
  • Has Hi-resolution Capabilities: Professional photographers are able to capture hi-res shots that surpass even the best smartphones.
  • Knows Ideal Lighting: The average photographer relies on filters to achieve results. Local Dallas photographers know the best spots to find the perfect natural lighting.
  • Identifies Proper Poses: Pros can help you find the perfect pose that creates a statement for anyone that views your headshot.
  • Provides Photo Retouching: Experienced photographers help to retouch your photos and ensure every wrinkly, acne scar, or blemish you don’t want to show up on your headshot stays out of the final image.
  • Experience in demand makes headshots a more expensive photo but are worth the money spent knowing that a professional photographer crafted your brand-selling image over a selfie or value session from a student photographer.

    Authenticity Makes a Statement

    A quick 15-minute headshot photography session with our photographers brings authenticity to the final product. No one wants to work with someone who appears “fake.” Authenticity is the number one item on the menu, and you want to ensure your headshot sells what people crave. From helping you pick the perfect outfit for your photo session to finding a background or lighting technique that makes your best features pop, our photographers know how to make a single headshot ooze your personality. Authenticity is essential when you’re handing out headshots or relying on a great first impression to garner loyal customers. At the end of the day, your headshot is going to be what creates or discourages engagement. This brings us back to our original question: Are professional headshots worth it? The answer should be as clear as the images we produce. They are essential when you’re using your image as a brand-selling statement.

    Bring an Image to Your Brand Today with Headshots From DFW Pro Photo

    Getting headshots from the best photographers in Dallas is easy! The team at DFW Pro Photo specializes in blending artistry with professionalism. Our photographers can capture you in your best professional moment and preserve it in a photo forever. We serve Irving, Dallas, and other cities in the Metroplex. Inquire now for your next specialty branding session
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