Are Professional Headshots Worth It?


Quality headshots aren’t something that come cheap, nor should they be. Whether you’re headlining a headshot across your legal website or sending out images for that next casting call, the effort behind your headshot could be the key to your success. In the world of selfies and “advanced camera” smartphones, it’s easy for someone to […]

Alen and Linda Engagement Shoot

Alen and Linda Engagement-00272

We meet Alen and Linda-Ann by a referral from another long-time client and friend of ours in the Dallas area who we have done numerous shoots for them, their family and business. From the moment we chatted on the phone I knew we would click. They are some of the sweetest and kindest people you […]

Is it Worth it to Hire a Professional Photographer?

Before we go any further, the short answer to the question above is: Yes!

A special moment in you and your family’s lives like a wedding, family portrait, or graduation is something that you should have equally special photos of to look back on in the future.

Environmental Headshots… What are they and why do them?

Headshots and Business Portraits should tell the story that you are wanting to convey through your eyes, facial expressions and body language. Very subtle changes with each one of these can convey a completely different message to your viewer that may go unnoticed to the logical brain but will register deeply with the subconscious brain and trigger an emotional response.

Understanding a Photographers Pricing

If you have been looking for a photographer, understanding the huge variance you see in pricing may have you feeling confused and potentially overwhelmed. The pricing for photographers just in your area can vary greatly from genre-to-genre and from one photographer to another and the Dallas Photographer Market is no exception to that rule.