Headshots & Branding Photography

First impressions mean everything, and a professional headshot is one of the best ways to make your online presence stand out amongst the crowd.

At DFW Pro Photo, our experience and professional approach to headshots guarantee a unique result that helps you get noticed, land that next job, or increase your industry authority.

Bring Out Your Professionalism, Personality, or Brand

When it comes to headshots, you want your look to be perfect. Not everyone is a natural model, but we will use the right direction, angles, and equipment to bring out your personality in a single shot.

Showing who you are and what you represent without using words is power. Let us help you find your visual identity with a unique headshot encapsulating your essence.

DFW Pro Photo Guides Your Headshot to Perfection

Without us on your side, your headshots risk being unprofessional, under budget, and worst of all, underwhelming. Our photographer not only maps out your entire headshot session but also ensures your headshots look their best.

We help you feel comfortable with the process, organize any wardrobe changes, and retouch your photos to ensure head-turning results.

Competitive Pricing for Unmatched Results

Headshots are an investment in yourself. However, going with the most expensive photographer in your city never guarantees a worthwhile investment.

We offer competitive rates on all of our headshot packages. We serve clients that range from corporate-level owners to up-and-coming artists on a limited budget. No matter your needs, we’re prepared to work with you to create a unique headshot with the consistent quality our photography studio is known for.

What Makes Us Your Headshot Choice?

Rick Porier, the artist behind DFW Pro Photo has dedicated his life to his craft. Working with us results in:

A wholly planned/directed session Unmatched professionalism and customer service Quality images that make your personality or brand stand out

Find a Package That Suits You and Schedule Your Next Headshot Session

Our headshot packages come with options that meet any need and most budgets. Whether you're an aspiring actor or a business professional trying to add credibility to your brand, we can take the shot that brings out your best.

Contact us today to schedule your next headshot session with Rick Porier of DFW Pro Photo.