Lifestyle Photography

Life moves fast. Sometimes it's worth putting in the effort and preserving some of the everyday moments you know you'll want to remember.

Lifestyle photographs from DFW Pro Photo help you capture real-life moments that showcase the beauty of candid photography you won’t find anywhere else. 

Life is what you make of it. We’re just here to help illustrate your story.

Tell Your Story in the Moment

Whether you spend the day horseback riding with your kids or remodeling that classic car with Dad, you don't want to let these moments pass you by.

Every smile, laugh, and memory is part of your legacy. Immortalize your story and schedule a lifestyle photoshoot that puts you and your family's happiness at the center of our lens.

Remember, every day is a good day to be happy! A planned lifestyle shoot with a professional photographer helps create moments that keep today's happiness alive for years to come!

Specialized Approach for Life's Special Moments

We take an artistic approach to every passion project we accept. We understand that what seems like everyday life to one person is the world to another.

Our passionate photographers will capture your milestones (big or small) and turn your precious moments into art.

We specialize in directing lifestyle shoots that feel relaxed and candid, keeping our clients comfortable and naturally in their element.

Interior and Exterior Images Captured to Perfection

From wide-angled shots that set an entire scene to telephoto lenses that let you thoroughly enjoy your time in the great outdoors, DFW Pro Photo has the equipment to make the moment count.

Schedule your custom lifestyle shoot today and select one of our competitive packages that meets your needs.

What Makes Us Your Lifestyle Choice?

As photographers, we know people. Catching your essence on film is the entirety of our craft. Rick Porier and the team at DFW Pro Photo can help you plan your shoot to perfection.

We take the time to get to know your interests, personality, and where to locate that gleam in your eye.

Our photographers will help you set the scene, prepare for any scheduled wardrobe changes, and then leave you to experiment and enjoy your lifestyle shoot.