Portrait Photography

Couples, families, and people in general love to immortalize themselves in their finest moments. When it comes to crafting the perfect photo for a portrait, the technology of a smartphone will capture a fraction of the detail a professional photographer can unveil.

No matter what you’re celebrating with your portrait shoot, Rick Porier and DFW Pro Photo will bring direction and experience that captures your emotions in the moment and leaves you with a collection of photos you’ll look back on fondly.

Family Portraits

Families grow, children age and change will happen in the blink of an eye. As seasoned photographers, one of our favorite shots is the family portrait. Every era in your family is exceptional and deserves recognition only a professional can bring to life.

Capture your family's youth and happiness today through the lens of one of the best Dallas-Fort Worth photographers.

Senior Portraits

Senior year brings a myriad of "last chances" for graduating teens. One of them being the opportunity for a senior portrait.

A unique senior photo can create a moment in time that any graduate can be proud of. We can direct you towards a creative vision that brings out your youth, personality, and qualities that comprise your individuality.

Engagement & Couples Photography

Love is something to celebrate every day. But sometimes, there are those quiet, intimate moments that you and your partner will want to hold on to forever.

Creating a lasting image of your love is something that only a professional photographer can capture. Whether you want to immortalize your engagement or celebrate a day together in the place you met, DFW Pro Photo brings your romantic connection to life with our eye for artistry and knack for direction.

Bridal Portraits

The story of your life will have many chapters. Your wedding should be one of the most memorable times in your lives. Unfortunately memories fade over time. You will look back at these pictures and it will trigger all of the emotions and love you felt during this magical time.

Bridal Portrait Photography is a typically done well in advance of your wedding day and is all about capturing the beauty of the bride that said "Yes to the Dress." We have some of the best Dallas photographers that specialize in portrait photography and wedding photography. We bring it all together to make keepsakes you and your future family can cherish for generations to come.

Maternity Portraits Photography

Becoming a parent is a life event that brings excitement, joy, and pride to any future mother and father. The weeks before delivery are the "golden hours" for capturing the emotions before a lifelong change as a couple transitions into a family.

Newborn and maternity photography are some of our favorite sessions to direct. Memorializing the glow of impending parenthood through photography creates a vivid memory that families can fondly look back on as the years pass.

Schedule Your Portrait Photography Session Today

Whether you are planning a senior portrait session or want to create a family photo to grace the living room wall, DFW Pro Photo is here to bring professionalism to your photos. Schedule your session with us today and experience a comfortable shoot that creates lasting memories.

Our Experience Makes Us Your First Choice for a Photographer in the Dallas Metroplex

Rick Porier, the artist behind DFW Pro Photo, has been passionate about photography since he was a child toying with his father's camera.

Over the years, he's perfected his art and become one of the most renowned photographers in Irving and the surrounding Dallas - Fort Worth communities. Our photography process is more than just taking pictures.

We will direct your portrait session, help you commemorate your special day, and bring out the joy in your personal moment.