Wedding & Event Photography

Each wedding is a unique occasion, and your wedding photography should reflect what makes it one of the most memorable days in your life.

You need a photographer who captures the essence of your wedding day. The moments of butterflies as you are getting dressed, the tears sliding from the bride’s father’s eyes, and the unexpected antics of the flower girl.

How DFW Pro Photo Elevates Your Love Story

You only get one take on your wedding day. Therefore, you must work with a professional wedding photographer who captures the surprising moments that illustrate your love story.

Constant Students of Our Art

Rick Porier constantly pushes learning curves to create unique images no other wedding photographer in Dallas could replicate. You want your wedding photos to stand out, much like your special day. Rick Porier spends the time and money needed to learn new styles and techniques that elevate the quality of every shot he takes.

Excellent Photography Direction

Your wedding is like a symphony orchestra, and every part must flow together seamlessly. DFW Pro Photo is a symphony orchestra director that knows what should be happening every second of your wedding day. Rick Porier can direct others involved in the wedding to be in the right place for the perfect shot.

Personalized Style

There are many styles of wedding photography. The best photographers, like Rick Porier, can quickly switch between different styles that reflect the moment. You are not a one-sided individual, and your wedding photos should showcase all of your sides beautifully.

Competitive Pricing for a Lifetime of Memories

At DFW Pro Photo, our photography packages start at $150. We make wedding photography in Dallas accessible and ensure it isn't a massive chunk of your wedding budget. Consultations with DFW Pro Photo are effortless, and our dedication extends beyond your wedding day. From our initial meeting to editing consultations, Rick Porier brings the professionalism and experience you need for wedding photos that create a lifetime of great memories.

Book Wedding Photography With Rick Porier Today

Rick Porier is a photographer that serves the entirety of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has the experience, tools, and knowledge to produce the professionalism and results you'd expect on your wedding day.

Every wedding is an opportunity for art and love to blend as one. Book your free wedding photo consultation today.